Why was Best Bar None set up?

Why was Best Bar None set up?

Best Bar None was developed by Greater Manchester Police in 2003 as a response to increased violence and anti-social behaviour in and around licensed premises.

It aimed to reward positive work within the licensed trade - improving standards and addressing local issues and, ultimately, keeping people safe.

The scheme was adopted in Scotland in 2005, initially in Glasgow, and is currently administered by the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (based in Linlithgow).

It’s now operational in more than 50 towns and cities across Scotland.

Best Bar None recognises venues offering a quality experience - focusing on safety and customer care.

It aims to:

  • promote social responsibility and a duty of care;
  • improve knowledge and skills to assist in responsible management;
  • reduce alcohol-related crime by investing in premises’ policies and procedures;
  • promote partnership working to identify good practice and areas for improvement;
  • supports due diligence, record-keeping and training; and
  • gives awards, locally and nationally, to reward success.

Operating more responsibly can improve the commercial viability and attractiveness of a venue and local area.

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