Training Modules

Training Modules

Our Training is based on real scenarios which have occurred in various parts of Scotland. The Training format is outlined for your information.

The Training will be delivered at no cost to BBN venues.

Police Scotland will be incorporating this Training within a Program which will be rolled out from January 2017.


Presentation includes:

  • Aims and Learning Objectives
  • Background to Training
  • Who is this Course for
  • What does vulnerability mean

Module 1:

Viewing of Short Film(s) can be split and shown to different audiences.

Scenario 1 – Amy – sexual predator - Time 04.30 minutes

Scenario 2 – Graham – accident - Time 04.00 minutes

Scenario 3 – Laura – taxi - Time 04.30 minutes

Module 2:

Group Exercise or audience participation

Mix of staff, stewards, partners or specific audience – students

Discuss Interventions

Module 3:

 Bar Code Presentation – discuss Stages of Intoxication

  • Green/Amber/Red scenarios and indicators
  • Duty of Care discuss
  • Watch input from BBN staff/Partners and show good practices - VLOG.

 Module 4: (considerations which work well with this Training - external partners can deliver)

  • "Who are You” Package 
  • SIA Information and Guidance
  • Taxi Information Night zones
  • Street Pastors or other agencies who work in the night time economy
  • Child Sexual Exploitation – BBN now have established link with a night time economy working group – pilot will run in Glasgow in conjunction with Barnardos and other Partners

Closure: Evaluation survey

  • Support information – Agencies available

Contact National Coordinator - Arlene Campbell on 01786 447441 for more information.

Choose the "Module" below you want to watch and click on the first Image to view the short Film.


  • Amy - Module
  • Graham - Module
  • Laura- Module

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