How does it work?

Applying to take part

How does the Best Bar None scheme work?

Best Bar None follows four simple steps to achieving success and getting an award.

  • Apply to your local co-ordinator to take part in the scheme. You can access a range of training and support services to improve your venue.
  • Assessment – You’ll be assessed on criteria based on Licensing Scotland objectives.
  • Judging - A local panel of key partners will judge your premises, using a scoring booklet for your category of premises.
  • Awards – Successful participants will be invited to a local awards ceremony. This will provide you with the chance to increase the profile of your business and be seen to be among the Best Bar None.

Local co-ordinators will give you more details.

Each year, there will be local launches – inviting applications from eligible venues. Anyone taking part will be provided with information packs to help them bring premises up to the required standards in advance of any assessment. We’ll agree with you a date for the assessment to be carried out.

Usually assessments take between two to three hours, depending on various things – such as the size of venue. Assessors vary across Scotland and can be independent or from one of the partners supporting Best Bar None.

Agencies - including police, fire and trading standards officers - can give you advice in advance of the assessment. The actual assessment focuses on the five key elements in the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005.

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