What's the judging process for Best Bar None?

Following an assessment visit, scoring booklets are marked and each venue is allocated a score.

Points are allocated for ‘Essential’, ‘Desired’ and ‘Bonus’ categories. Venues must achieve ALL essential points to be accredited. Those which demonstrate additional points will receive a higher award. A neutral panel will sit at a local level to determine the appropriate level of award i.e. Bronze, Silver or Gold, based on the scoring booklets.

  • A bronze award means the venue has achieved all the “essential” criteria to show their commitment to “due diligence and licensing objectives”.
  • A silver award shows that you’ve achieved the “essential” things plus “desirable” improvements. This demonstrated your commitment to improving the venue beyond normal management practices.
  • A gold award shows you’ve achieved “essential” and “desirable” objectives and are working towards “bonus” criteria – demonstrating your drive for excellence.

Local co-ordinators will give you more details on how you can work to the different standards.

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